Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture for the entire body is also offered using a medical acupuncture approach.

In medical acupuncture the diagnosis and treatment of conditions is made using conventional knowledge of the human body rather than applying the principles of ‘Qi”.

This type of acupuncture is often referred to as ‘dry needling’.  It involves focusing on releasing muscular pain and dysfunction (that has occurred as a result of muscular trigger points/knots, spasms, tension or increased tone/tightness), through the insertion of a needle. There is now significant evidence supporting the success of dry needling in treating lower back pain amongst other conditions.

At ‘THE foot mechanic’ a medical acupuncture approach is used to treat the following:

Lower back pain
Neck pain
Repetitive strain injuries
Generalized muscular and joint pain
Sports injuries and recovery
Muscle pain/cramp